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Vacuum Meals
In 2021, the poverty rate in Lebanon reached unprecedented levels.

With the on-going series of incidents happening, many Lebanese people were left with minimum to zero nutrition support.

However, under shareQ NGO, we as M Social Catering team decided to take matters into our own hands. Hence, launching "Meals for Lebanon" specialized in preparing and distributing Vacuum Meals to underprivileged communities, people affected by the Beirut blast and COVID-19 patients in confinement!

Until the year 2021, with the support of many companies and organizations, 220,000 meals were provided. We kindly invite you to take a look at our Crowdfunding Campaign video, through which we aim to be able to prepare and distribute 200,000 vacuum meals in the year 2022.

Together, we shall support thousands of Lebanese family members with nutritious Vacuum Meals!

Contribute in funding Meals for Lebanon by contacting us on or by phone on +961 9 232 935 or +961 76 147 477