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With a certified central kitchen, M Social Catering is social impact initiative that works on projects with NGOs and donors’ programs. Under shareQ NGO, the food security unit aims to prepare vacuum & hot meals, that are distributed by more than 20 NGOs across Lebanon, to underprivileged communities, people affected by the Beirut blast and COVID-19 patients in confinement. With the support of ProAbled, women and persons with disabilities or acute financial challenges are recruited at the central kitchen of M Social Catering.
Vaccum Meals Advantages
The advantages of vacuum meals compared to regular hot meals are the following:
1. Shelf life in regular fridges is 4 to 8 days depending on the meal, compared to 1 day for regular cooked meals. This is convenient for beneficiaries to have ready to eat food for lunch or dinner for several days at a time.
2. Heat and eat: Most of the persons affected by the Beirut explosion are placed in temporary residences with limited or no access to kitchens, the heat and eat pre-cooked meals don't require more than a small stove, a pan and some water to be ready to eat. In addition, persons affected by Covid-19 in confinement can benefit from the healthy practical and fast meal solution. The vacuum meals are safe to eat since the meals will be reheated for 5 minutes at boiling temperature; this lowers the risk of contamination.


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